International Marketing Advisor

L & A helps in management and business development to expand it internationally, in alliance with strategic partners for business growth

  • Business to expand national and International Market Counseling
  • Single Company Promotion
  • Search for funding for the development of international marketing operations
  • Dissemination strategies globally
  • Assistance in coordinating the trip, interpreter services and general help
  • Others

Trade & financial counseling

We help you develop an effective strategy of international sales and will collaborate in locating financial partners to assist you in your financial needs in production for new challenges and support to handle exports.

  • Evaluate international competition
  • Market information and industry with our business specialists
  • Identify and comply with legal requirements and regulations
  • Learn about cultural differences and protocols
  • Commercial Information Center
  • Business Development Strategies
  • One to one counseling as needed and position of the company
  • Access to financial programs worldwide to support imports and / or exports