Social Responsability

As part of our commitment to society, L&A also has developed some support programs which primarily seeks to facilitate and support to entrepreneurs to internationally support arm do need to take their first steps in its expansion.

These programs support entrepreneurs to attend international fairs which allow them to give a face and an image of the international frame work. To access these programs entrepreneurs postulate on a quarterly basis and the business development of the L&A altogether group defined by a few parameters option grant support incentives to entrepreneur to achieve their dreams. In this process of support to entrepreneurs, sponsors play an important role.

Similarly through semi-annual performed we raised funds to assist socially with groups of seniors and with groups of women entrepreneurs who have gone through the process of emotional abuse, taking them through a process of personal health to be assessed then give them tools which train them and help them conquer the business world and become productive entities for their own growth and the growth of the business community.

Intercultural Communication and Globalization
by Dalvin Rumsey

RNF Foundation, is dedicated to helping women who have suffered abuse, generating adaptation programs, health and enabling them to set up businesses as they can provide support to the care of the elderly. We also have programs for adults.

RNF Foundation is committed to improving the conditions of life of adults. Hogar de Cristo is working to help the elderly stay with their families and maintain or strengthen their autonomy and independence. But when people needs increased lack of family support, we have a variety of additional programs help them in their needs.

The RNF Foundation handles options for sponsor and activities such as charity dinners, promotional items, extra-curricular activities with which we raised funds to support the programs we provide to women and older adults.

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